Monday, September 07, 2009

Black Swan

Well, I'm back. Fleetingly. Not much has changed, except I now win so little children in Chinese workhouses shake their heads at my hourly rate. The WSOP was fun, in the sense that it started to look like Phil Ivey had nearly won all the money in the poker economy. I've not seen anyone definitively say, but I'd bet that (a) there was a settlement (b) it would have still been enormous. The fantasy of the poker dot-com has finally burst, with pokerroad suspending the only interesting feed they had, the mini Ivey interview. If they can't "monetize" that, then those eyeballs are not for monetizing.

The bottom line is, however, I'm disappointed. I did a tour of the blogs and in two years, they are no better, if not worse. Same old results orientated thinking. Same old only sing when I'm winning. Same old lack of fucking interesting insight. I guess with the games getting harder, only the IS's survived.