Monday, July 11, 2005

Music of Chance

YTD: Anyone want my kidney, check out ebay

Well the WSOP is coming to a close, so the current rich vein of comedy will run out, probably just before my bankroll.

So a quick interlude of other things that have tickled my fancy.

For some time now, Mike Paulle has been so laser-like shrewd on the poker scene that on the perception stakes he has put Stevie Wonder's fashion guru to shame. This comment was a real blast. In the head to head between Rafi "Most Winningest PLO player on the Net last year" Amit and Vinny "Angle shooting scumbag" Vinh,the inimitable Paulle commented "You get the feeling that Vinh is toying with Amit, setting him up for the kill." 3 hours later Rafi had the title. If you had ever played Rafi headsup then you would know how even more a joke this was.

Another thing you should check out is the interview of Todd Brunson by that hero worshipping geek on Mr Fluffer, seemingly in a new pair of skateboarding knee pads, actually posed the question "Was winning a braclet as good as wining $13 million in a night?" This is the amount that Brunson alledgedly won in the headsup against the banker. You can actually see the synapses flaring in Brunson's head as he tries to figure out (a) is the questioner insane? (b) has he slipped into an alternate universe where winning some gold plated jingle-jangle is the equivalent of 13 very very large.

One day this war will be over.


Anonymous said...

Mr Fluffer indeed...that comment was almost as good as when he fell over himself interviewing The Greatest Poker Player in the World, and said "we can call it Planet Phil Hellmuth from now on"...

Drizztdj said...

I think the 13 mill to a WSOP bracelet question has some legs.

If you didn't care about the money as some players do... the bracelet would be "worth" more.

Anonymous said...


Anyway how much are you willing to sell that kidney for, and whats the YTD as a number?

Andy_Ward said...

By far his best comment was telling Phil Hellmuth "you have a great sense of perspective". With a straight face. Really.


redsimon said...

I'll buy a kidney, do you accept PokerStars FPPs? :)

FormerFan said...

Ill give you 12$ and a loaf of bread to feed your family for the kidney. Ill add 4 slices of American Cheese if you pay shipping. (refrigirated box please)

Big Dave D said...

Thanks guys, fortunately Poker - hmm - can't think of the right adjective, anyway Poker Hmmm, Kevin O'Connell has added my offal to his reserve kidney bank. He needs it more than me.



Big Dave D said...


Sorry for the delay...been working away. All I can say in response is that any poker pro who has been around for a length of time is unlikely to want the tin over the paper. If you're new to poker you might not know of the clear cut case where a bracelet was "sold" for a bigger share of the prize. And there are rumors of this happening more than this once too. Perhaps you need to read my post titled "Sport of Kings". Poker is money. Poker as sport is a fad.



Anonymous said...

Did Todd or the Corporation really win $13mill against the banker?

Or is this just an ever expanding ego inflating myth?

Certainly Todd's percentage wasn't $13mill...

Read The Professor, The Bank and The Suicide Kings

Big Dave D said...

I'm just giving you the quote from the "interview".

I have read the book, and enjoyed it greatly. From what i recall, Todd does win 13 mill in 2 sessions, although of course his share is considerable less. But the value of the chips was certainly that high. And if the book is to be believed, a lot of the Corporation were leveraged up to the eyeballs and losing that session would have been a small disaster.



Anonymous said...

Sorry about your YTD. Just wanted to tell you that i really enjoy reading your blogs.