Saturday, December 17, 2005

Interim Management

YTD: +$34610.95

Well it's been a while again. I'm in the throes of a very long Christmas vacation so I am doing little playing, or writing. I will do a summary, rather gloomy post to sum up the year before we come to the end of it. And next year I have a nice post based on BluffThis's excellent PLO post on playing tight, and why I didn't feel it was the complete story.

Some things that have tickled me of late:

1. Prahald losing $500k at one point in one session against poker Wunderkid Patrik Antonius. Imagaine, sat in your smalls, scratching your bollocks, click-click, there goes another $100k. No high class, movie-star-look-alike, whores. No Presidential Villa at The Wynn. Just you and your living room and click-click-woosh. Insane.

2. Mad Marty Wilson as a tournament director on UK TV. Oh boy. Alledgedly a lovely fella, he was involved in a very dubious incident on a televised event as a player where he made a counterfitted two pair against a foes higher two, which from his expression he clearly knew, and no one stopped the player leaving the event, even though it had live commentary. It turned out that the Tournament Director had a piece of Marty too. Purely a coincidence, no doubt. And now he too can have that esteemed honour based on a wide experience of directing, well, hmmm, yes, (long silence.) UK TV poker once again in super shape.

3. Back before the Internet made donk plays the norm in tourneys, many "analysts", ok the guy with too much hairspray and the guy with, unfortunately, too much death, used to talk about "The Worst Play in Poker." This was commonly accepted as John Bonnetti crashing his stack into the 3rd place in a 90s Big One when the other stack only had a few blinds worth left. Of course worse plays happen all the time now, and if they win, then all the better. Here's one that seemed to slip under everyone's net:

(before the hand Hachem had about $300k, Pham a bit less.)

Hand #43 - Kido Pham has the button in seat 2, Tran raises to $18,000, Pham reraises to $50,000, Hachem reraises to $150,000, Tran folds, and Pham thinks for a minute before moving all in. Hachem asks for a count of Pham's remaining chips before saying, "It doesn't matter, I call." Hachem shows pocket kings (Kc-Kd), and Pham shows Js-10c.

While the chips are counted down before the flop, Scotty Nguyen says, "I threw away the other two kings, baby." The crowd explodes into laughter, releasing the tension of this big all-in situation.

Hachem has Pham outchipped, and Pham will need to improve to stay alive here.

The flop comes Jc-Jh-2s, and Pham flops trip jacks to take the lead

I guess this answers the question as to what kind of pro Pham is.

Merry Christmas.


Andy_Ward said...

" It turned out that the Tournament Director had a piece of Marty too."

Ooh. What's your source on that ? I'm not being funny, I'm interested. And if this news was on a forum, what was the reaction to it ?


Big Dave D said...


It could have been just the usual hearsay, rumour and b.s. In which case I apologise....not. Marty *definately* saw it. And if Liam didnt see it, what kind of muppet TD is he? I am in rhetorical mode again it seems:(


Anonymous said...

Can you post a link to Bluff's post on playing tight in PLO?


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

For the other poster who wanted a link, I think you meant my first post on your blog which was in June of this year under your post with the title "Training Montage".

And regarding your upcoming post to start the year off, did you read the 2+2 thread I started called "LAG or Good Player?". It is now on the second page of threads. I think that took my thoughts beyond the otherwise tight advice I usually give, although I was not necessarily recommending "good LAG" as something a lot of players should try out. The key to top level play is blending some of that style in with normal tight aggressive, but with much better judgement to only do so in appropriate situations.

Although there are a couple of such players I admire and watch closely, a greater period of time is needed to see if they are really that good, or are just riding the waves of running good and playing against even worse players whose mistakes allow them to make more of their own while still coming out ahead. One thing is for sure however, the rockiest players in PLO have no big wins coming long term and would be better off playing limit.

Anyway, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you and yours.


Derek & David said...

Gutshot shame!

David Lloyd unmasked as Baby Jane on "Derek and David" forum!

Anonymous said...

"Prahald losing $500k at one point in one session against poker Wunderkid Patrik Antonius. Imagaine, sat in your smalls, scratching your bollocks, click-click, there goes another $100k. "

Can you post a link to some of these hands?

Big Dave D said...


There may be some stuff on 2+2 High NL forum, if the search engine is working.



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