Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blast from the Past

WSOP '07 has prompted me out of my lethargy. God, I miss the old days. Listening *live* to the Mortensen main event win. Those newspaper like reports Conjelco used to do. Glazer, when he wasn't fantasising over Hellmuth in the hot tub, actually mentioning what was happening in the cash games. But now the ESPN sport steamroller is flattening everything, even to the extent the live coverage now is no longer live. Amusingly, one of those WSOP inbreeds, who is so irrelevant that I can't bother to even google who it was, basically justified that the WSOP was a sport because people watched it and there was a lot of prize money. So if they paid guys to wank on TV that would be a sport? (Ok, they do, its called porn, and is the true purpose of the internet and the reason why playing poker one handed is so essential.) This is the kind of powerful logical thinking that got the US and its 53rd state into Iraqistan I guess.

Andy W, bless him, pointed out that Eli E has saved the WSOP with his prop bets amongst the big game players. Although he was a little kind hearted letting Brunson out of it, I would have let the King of Poker sweat it out a little longer, tottering from pee wee tournament to the next, heart thumping through blind pride. It just shows that arrogance can overtake intellect even amongst the best of them. Other breaking news seems to be that some of those big name stars are busto! - gasp! Better breaking news is the *uncapped* 1k/2k/4k NL/PLO that aba is playing in, often just headsup vs Sammy Farha. Now that is a monster game. The gossip so far is that aba is a big winner - at one point they did flips for 100K. (I just threw up :()

Michael Craig. WTF. I mean What The Fuck! I actually liked his book on the Big Game, although when Gryko mentioned, in passing, once again fist fucking me in a shorthanded Omaha limit game, that it was a "bit of a love letter to the pros", he got me thinking. But the courtship is now over and it is full on, cheesy, 80s hard core porn. Not since Jesse May did that awful, fawning, can't-speak-with-his-mouth full, interview with Padraig Parkinson has there been such a deluge of sycophancy. Doesn't he get embarrassed at his new "best friend to the pros" status? Don't they get embarrassed? Some of it is bad, most of it is just toe-curlingly awful. For example, he once said Clonie Gowen had movie star looks. Hmmm.

On the poker front, i am ticking along, but not making half as much as I was last year. I have played too many types of game, and with the exception of triple draw, I've won at them all. Just not won well. I've had to ship out a ton of money on that damn real life expenses stuff, which hasn't helped. Ho hum. See you soon. Maybe.


The Wagerer said...

Aw, come on Dave. Clonie usually looks great: if a photographer picks his moment, he can make anyone look bad. Were it not so, 'Heat' magazine would have had to close months ago...

Anonymous said...

I saw a rather attractive young lady on the internet the other day, wanking off several cocks.

She looked a pretty good sport to me...

dD said...

well fuck me gently !

my mentor is alive and kicking.

welcome back.



btw she does look better than that :()

Big Dave D said...

Hi Guys

Nice to see you. I guess folks didn't put me in RSS feeds after all...



Betfair Poker Player said...

Far too much spam on this site for me!!

Big Dave D said...


Don't be mean! Check out the older stuff...there is interesting bumpf there in spades!



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Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...


She looks exhausted in that picture, not bad looking, just tired....

online poker site said...

she's less likely to say no if she is tired... think of it as the tee-total, female version of beer goggles! :P

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Peter said...

I know they needed to give the WSOP Main Event a big shake-up but these changes announced for 2008 is completely not the way to do it. It's becoming a bit ridiculous just how much say poker television is having on tournaments these days.

As the 'Main Event' it shouldn't be over-run with a load of trash players who play online poker. They should limit the event to 1000 players, the 1000 players being those who performed best in other tournaments during the year.

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dD said...

... WSOP '07 has prompted me out of my lethargy ...

will WSOP '08 prompt you ??



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kaicevy said...

I've had to ship out a ton of money on that damn real life expenses stuff, which hasn't helped

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dD said...

" ... WSOP '07 has prompted me out of my lethargy .... "

" .... '08 prompt you ?? " FAILED

how about WSOP 09 ????



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