Thursday, June 17, 2004

First commentator...and a real, live plo8b hand

YTD: +$20456.37...not much poker...too much work :-(

Thanks to Butch for his first comments...if you're here and you want to say something please do registration required! Butch made an interesting point about short-handed play, in that the turn could be where the better players regain their equity. Certainly from my PokerTracker stats on ring games, the best players are very very aggressive on the turn and I could certainly see that being the way to profit s-h. But the variance is not for me! Here's one of my few thoughtful rgp posts - please comment your thoughts:

I thought I would post what I thought was an interesting pot limit Omaha 8b hand. Interesting because it is no self-aggrandizing massacre of a chump with no outs and interesting because it was live action, not online.

In the game I was playing there were two £2 blinds, one on the button and one under the gun. I was in the OTG blind with a stack of about £500. There were several limpers back to me when I found a2366 suited ace (it was 5 card Omaha 8b). I raised slightly less than the pot and picked up several callers. The flop came 642, with two diamonds, not my suit. This is a very strong flop for my hand, unless I run into a35. Also the bulk of the players were very poor and I could get action from naked a3 in this spot. I came out and bet about the pot £40, and surprisingly everyone passed, except the one player I didn't want to call, who we'll label GS. GS is a very strong cash player, as
good, if not better, than any I've seen and would only tangle with me in this spot with a strong hand. I prayed for a pair up 

Instead the dealer turned over a card of death, an offsuit 3. With my low counterfeited, I checked, prepared to pass to a bet, and to my surprise GS checked also. Clearly his only low was an a3 too. In retrospect I could have deduced that the three was a bad card for him as he wouldn't call with an a5…although there was a small chance that he may have slowplayed a35, hoping to get a big raise on a neutral turn if I led out again.

The last card was interesting…an offsuit 5. No flush had come and I now had a wheel. Most importantly, I also had a 6 straight, which although not the nuts would quarter any pure wheel holders. What do you do? And what do you do if he bet/raises? (assuming you check/bet, respectively)

I'll post what I did later.


Anonymous said...

Think i would have to check call, in 4 card i would probably bet but in 5 card it is far more likely for him to 3/4 you.I think a bet would be a very bad idea, you would lose a considerable chunk if one of his 3 unknown cards(we already know he has a3 to call flop)was a 7. With it being heads up a check/pass to a pot size bet would save you £30 or so (asuming your getting quartered) but i dont think i could be that disciplined- I would be hoping he had the a3 with nut flush draw only and no 7 in his hand.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog! I only wish it had an RSS feed....

On the Big Mitt hand I would make a harrassment bet of 40-60. A bet he has to call since I am sure he has a wheel. If he has a 67 and pots it, I'm out 50; but such is life...

Your verbal showdown post struck home. I come across this constantly as I only play live, but have developed patience in the last couple of years. If I'm against a poor player who I want in the game, I always flip my hand over at the first opportunity. Against a good player I just sit there.

Here's a rant I made on the subject on RGP a few years back...

The URL looks a little unweildy. If it doesn't work, tou're not missing anything. :)

Good luck with the Blog.

Phat Mack

Ignatious said...

digging your blog. i'll be pimping it tonite and my blog.

keep up the great work!