Saturday, June 19, 2004

Plo8b (part 2)… and we’re swamped by commentators!!!

YTD: +$21567.37

OK, not exactly swamped, but we are getting there :-) We’ve had some great, and amusing comments (tx Phat and of course anonymous).

Please keep on commentating and coming back. I promise fresh, interesting (?) poker content every day, or thereabouts. Tell your friends and come back often and cheer me up with good site visit and page stats :-)

Back to the hand…Phat recommends betting small and passing to a reraise. One of the THM posters, and a guy I have occasionally played live, Ariston, advocates check-calling because the danger of being 3/4d is too great to bet out. Here’s a snip of the analysis I did on rgp:

“(One of his most likely hands is) A3 with the flush draw. This was in fact the real holding. When we discussed the hand he said that against anyone else he would have raised on the flop. But there was a lot of knowing me, knowing you in this hand…

He can't bet a dry nut low because he knows I have it too...maybe with more. Also, if I check and he bets the full pot, he can only really be doing it because he has nut-nut and expects me to call and he makes his £30 profit. Even though he respects my play, he probably doesn’t really *expect* me to pass, as so few would do in this spot.

Here's what happened. I checked on the river and he bet the full pot, about £120. I went into the think tank. And then I folded.

It struck me that if I called, it would be the equivalent of just
handing over to him £30. He had a2378 and had called for the nut flush draw on the flop and made nut-nut.

No one I told the story to could believe I passed :)”


Anonymous said...

"Even though he respects my play, he probably doesn’t really *expect* me to pass, as so few would do in this spot."

Wow great fold. But I can't help thinking its a one only fold as he will expect you to pass next time! I'd have check called by the way.

Am enjoying your posts and for a guy who plays part time, you seem to be making a nice bit of cash. What kind of stakes/games do you play?


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable fold.... and a bad one IMO. But of course I don't know anything about live play or 5card O8.

Nice site GL.

Anonymous said...

Intereasting fold, i dont think that I would have made it. I suspect I would have gone for the check call option.

Having said this I know very little of the game having only recently started playing 4 card PL 08 online for lowish stakes. Here against the average player even check calling may not be the best value option...

I look forward to following your blog,


Anonymous said...

Having played with you live i can believe you made the pass. If I knew which player it was i could have made that pass but I doubt if i could have the discipline to do it- as I said earlier i would check call. A few years ago when i first started i may have even bet it (what a fool I was) then lost plenty. Looking forward to more of these as I think this is great and I can honestly say I look forward to hearing some of your views on hilo as I recently played the ws hilo event and class you to be one of the better players I have played with. Although I now hold my own in any game I ever sit and now keep accurate records (started last year) I can never get enough views and information on poker. You can never know everything and I am enjoying my learning curve. Anyone reading this who doesnt keep records start now, it was by far the most important thing I ever did and improved my game so much I couldnt put a figure on it (well i could from jan 1st to present but whats the point).