Thursday, August 12, 2004

Shallow Draughts Intoxicate the Brain

YTD: +$40285.80

I don’t consider myself to be an expert by any means. I KNOW, from long experience (and detailed spreadsheets) that I am a good player relative to the people I play, and my wife has the money to prove it :-)

One of the reasons I created this blog, beside vanity, was that I hoped to get insight into my own play by the process of writing about it. I know that a lot of Internet posters feel the same. What has also happened, of which I am very grateful, is that some of the top Internet minds occasionally hang here and post some great stuff too. READ THE COMMENTS!

Originally it was the Sklansky-like Aksu, well Sklansky-like in his brevity :-), who pointed out that a fold I had been proud of for years was actually a bad one. Now several people have pointed out that a play I had put up as a good one, was actually a bad one.

They are right.

I didn’t spot the flush draw on the flop on the hand below. I think that I may not have spotted it when I played the hand either, which is worse. Or I discounted it, which is much worse. My foe, if he has Aces, has a 14% chance (correct me if I’m wrong) of having the nut flush draw. This doesn’t seem much, but it greatly diminishes all my best out situations on the flop.

Actually this reinforces my lack of thought theme from the last post. I nearly always auto-raise in these situations so that just putting the brakes on this was some achievement, although so focused on the trees, the forest fell in on me.

I need to do some more thinking.

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