Monday, October 25, 2004

Club Tropicana


Cocktails by the pool while my family pitter-patter around me. All-inclusive luxury in searingly hot Gran Canaria. All paid for by poker! In this dark and dismal October, poker-wise, thinking that all this holiday is f.o.c is very sweet.

So just a quick thought for today. The jackpot game on Party, how bad is it really? I´ve been thinking that as -EV bets go, some selected play of the 15-30 jackpot holdem game may be quite a good one. Even winning just one of the "other seats"`may pay for selected participation for the jackpot for another four years, and that isn´t including other meta game factors too.

What do you all think?


Andy_Ward said...

So drinks are free then ?

I hope there's enough fun and sunshine for everyone.

Enjoy !


chaos said...

Glad to see you are enjoying life Dave. It's always a great time to take stock and reflect. Can't say how fortune will treat you but I suspect that you will be completely on top of your game when you come back home. By the way I hope that a feeling of responsibility to this forum hasn't in anyway deflected your focus from playing the game: it's hard to believe that you haven't had one eye on playing and the other eye on posting.

good luck


Anonymous said...

Tx guys...dont worry Chaos, the hardest I think about the posts is the hifallutin´ titles, which no one seems to appreciate anyway!


Dave :-)