Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Oh Vienna!

Well, this was going to be a continuation of the excellent comments shared in the previous entry - which is well worth your while to check out. However, I stumbled across some things on the Net during my travals that so shocked and appalled me that I feel compelled to write about them instead. But the real stuff, it's a come'in.

Both of these revalations involved the Evil Empire of Shulman.

Surprisingly, the coverage of the WSOP at has been excellent; Poker Pages hasn't had a lookin. This saddens me somewhat, for nostalgic reasons, as the best coverage ever was their live Web Audio of the Mortenson victory. Incidently, it was the follow up to this, the live coverage of Ulliot's win in Tunica - 填lliot raises, everyone passes - that confimed me in my belief that it would be better for everyone if we had flatter structures. A belief that kinda makes me a flat earther in today's Poker World.

But on the negative side, and I mean very fuckingly negative side, I finally came across some articles for Cardplayer Europe, or should I say The Jesse May and Friends Vanity Press. After surveying this 'material' I was reaching gladly again for my boiling water enema hose-pipe. But my hand was stayed. By the Poker soft-porn of a Jesse May interview. How could he ask any questions when he so clearly had his mouth full? Mike Cappeletti, or however you spell it, must be giving himself a high five, amongst other things, now that he has been replaced as The Nadir of Poker.

Please don't search this stuff out to confim it...they don't deserve the hits.

And pass me the hose when the water heats up.


Lord Miros said...

Given up on the YTD?

Anonymous said...

Now there's a surprise, Miros. How very unlike you. Don't worry, I'm sure it's an aberration.

Big Dave D said...

Nope, I posted this entry from an airport lounge at a *surprise* European location from my no YTD figure at hand. Its about 20k fwiw. Back at the top of the post next time.

Were you going to offer me a deal?



Anonymous said...

am i the only one who needs a translation of this post?

Big Dave D said...

What don't you get?


Anonymous said...

What I didn't get is why you need an excuse like poor poker journalism to reach for your boiling water enema hose-pipe, when doing that regularly provides as much of a thrill as crack while being far cheaper and with fewer side effects.


Big Dave D said...


It was an "in joke". I once described in a previous entry that I would rather give myself a boiling water enema than play SNGs for a living, as they are that dull.


The Camel said...

In my defence.

1. I can't write anything critical of an advertiser in Cardplayer for obvious reasons. As the majority of advertisers are online cardrooms and casinos it somewhat limits what I can write about.

2. Jesse doesn't want to portray poker in a negative light as many of the readers will be just starting out in poker and we don't want to put them off by revealing the "underbelly" of poker. Fair enough really.

3. For similar reason I can't name and shame wrongdoers.

I try and write stuff that is revealing and amusing. Obviously I have failed. I will try harder.

Big Dave D said...


I wasnt really thinking of you. I guess my problem was that I had such a low opinion of CP already, Roy Cooke excepted of course, that I didnt really think it could get any worse.

But it did.

I understand the limitations you write under...its what makes the whole CP proposition so unworkable anyway.

But having said that, I am prolly not the target audience anyway.

take care mate!


Mike said...

A both radical and retro thought:

How about increasing the size of 1st place, and then flattening out the other places. You could also still have a big step for 2nd, since this would only cause one disruption as opposed to 5 or 6. Assuming a poll of 100, we currently have, roughly:

25 13 7 4 2.5 1.5 1 etc

I propose something like (as a possibility, not my recommendation):

40 10 2.5 2.3 2.2 etc

the numbers don't quite add up but you get the idea.

Big Dave D said...


Tx for the suggestion, but I still like it smoother. Currently we have a strange graph, with too many people getting make the online sat folks happy, then a huge tilt to the winner at the final table. I would like less paid, then a better progression in the money spots. And it would make better TV too.