Saturday, March 26, 2005

Port Of Amsterdam

YTD: +$33895.48

One of the things I have always been proud of in the production of this blog has been my titles. Over time we have had hip-hop to philosophy. I guess today's title shows quite a bit of how my mind works. I was going to do the classic clichéd Bowie "Ch-ch-changes" thang, then I realised quite how REALLY clichéd that actually is, so instead I chose a slightly less well known Bowie song. Not one that has worn the ravages of time well, but still better than that bizarre garden gnome effort. (BTW I'm not a Bowie fan; I was brain-washed by my brother as a child.)

So what are the ch-ch-new things then?

Well the good news is that I am back in the world of the gainfully employed, starting in early April. This means that my wife can finally stop holding her breath and I can surgically remove my laptop from my hands. I think this spells good news for the blog. I have been aware for a while that the volume of posts has dropped. This is a function of having played something like 1000 hands a day. At the end of that, poker is the very last thing on your mind.

So I think less will be more.

Ok, some poker now.

I have been giving the 1k game on Party a spin of late, with moderately good results so far. I guess the first interesting observation is that although the play is often too loose, there hasn't been many of the complete donkeys that you would expect, and often filled the Stars game in its heyday. There have been some strange short stack players, playing maybe 15% of their hands and raising with nearly all of them, which is a new style for those size of games. Also many people are playing almost exactly the same, playing something like 35% of their hands and raising between 10-15% of them. This is a classic winning style, but requires a lot of flop onwards skill, and its clear a lot of them just don't have it.

Anyway, just to show that I practice what I preach:

$1000 PL Omaha Hi
Seat 7 is the button
Total number of players : 10
Seat 2: Hero ( $1788.75 )
Seat 3: AIG86 ( $2248.5 )
Seat 4: lidoooo ( $155 )
Seat 5: Alphabetx ( $175.75 )
Seat 6: crusader3 ( $1127 )
Seat 7: Foe ( $2450.75 )
Seat 8: dmc213 ( $2385.5 )
Seat 10: churchel ( $2890 )
Seat 1: onedayflyer ( $985 )
Seat 9: Jacob93 ( $935 )
dmc213 posts small blind [$5].
Jacob93 posts big blind [$10].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Hero [ As Ac Kc Ks ]
onedayflyer folds.
Hero calls [$10].
AIG86 folds.
lidoooo folds.
Alphabetx folds.
crusader3 folds.
Foe raises [$20].
dmc213 calls [$15].
Jacob93 folds.
Hero calls [$10].
** Dealing Flop ** [ 7d, 7c, 3h ]
dmc213 checks.
Hero checks.
Foe checks.
** Dealing Turn ** [ Th ]
dmc213 checks.
Hero checks.
Foe bets [$67].
dmc213 folds.
Hero calls [$67].
** Dealing River ** [ Qs ]
Hero checks.
Foe bets [$201].
Hero calls [$201].
Foe shows [ Ad, 3d, Js, 2h ] two pairs, sevens and threes.
Hero shows [ As, Ac, Kc, Ks ] two pairs, aces and sevens.
Hero wins $603 from the main pot with two pairs, aces and sevens.


Anonymous said...

Although Bowie does a great version of the song, it was actually written by Jacque Brel.
John Denver has also done a decent cover of it.
Anyway, sorry to be pedantic & i like the blog

SimonG. said...

You play that hand and walk away with $600. I play it the same way (actually I probably would have reraised), get shown KT73 and then don't play Omaha for another fortnight.


Milkybarkid said...

Good news if you start posting a bit more. I had noticed that they dropped off. ;-)

Regarding the $1000 Stars game. The game i was playing for 4/5 hours the other night (Omaha/8 better) actually had reasonably solid players in it. 4/5 players on the table were seeing less than 25% of flops and hardly anyoe was raising pre-flop.

Milkybarkid said...

and i can't even type a proper sentence. *runs away and hides*

Big Dave D said...


I would have been "happy" to lose. I knew I was gambling but I also knew that in the face of my weakness, it may encourage the foe to overplay his hand. It was one of the reasons why I wanted to contrast this hand vs Pete B's.



Big Dave D said...


A tight passive game can be ideal, especially in PLO8b. Its the ram-jam games that can be especially frustrating, with 8-9 Buklahs banging every hand.



Beset7 said...

hey dave

nice hand. I've only had AAKKds once and it was plo8 so I wasn't all that excited.

Just a noobish question. I understand limping since you're up front; but why not go for the limp reraise? Stack sizes play into that decision or are you just trying not get marked with aces? In the games I play in the limp-reraise from EP with good aces is gold.


Big Dave D said...

Good 2 c u again Beset.

Yes, the lack of a cr is entirely a stack size thing. If you notice, Foe only min raised and a cr by me will be pretty insubstantial, and yet I will have effectively turned my hand over, out of position. In the way I played it, my hand is the mystery and I have kept the pot small, which out of position is not necessarily a bad thing either.



chaos said...

congrats on the job Dave. I was curious too as to what mix or criteria you viewed supported the limp-call strategy with that hand.

Given the flop of a paired rainbow I see there was more than a hint of DIYD,DIYD in you play here. Very confidently played.


Big Dave D said...


I wouldnt say confidently played. As I said to Aksu the other day, I'm starting to feel that the emotional mindset of how you enter a hand is a key component on winning in the long term. With this hand, I felt I was gambling, but it was sensible gambling. I wasnt confident that I would win, just confident that it was the right play, if that makes sense.

A subject for another post :)


Anonymous said...

> Also many people are playing almost exactly the same, playing something like 35% of their hands and raising between 10-15% of them.

Raising 10-15% of their total hands, or raising 10-15% of the hands they play?

P. Mack

Big Dave D said...

P Mack, raising 15% of total, so nearly half the hands they play. 30/15 was a classic good player profile on Stars. It seems to mean fuck all on Party tho.



Anonymous said...

> 30/15 was a classic good player profile on Stars. It seems to mean fuck all on Party tho.

I know there are different types of tracking software for online games, but don't know what data they provide. Is there anyway you could tell me the win rates and SD's for some of the better Stars & Party players playing/raising 15/30? If the information is at your fingertips, I'd appreciate it--if not, please don't bother.


Big Dave D said...


Sorry for the delay,lost the thread.

I'm not sure what 15-30 games u r referring to? The limit HE? Check out PokerTracker. Not only is it indespenisible forHE, but it also can collate stats from games you are observing and not playing on Party...voila instant stats!