Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Youth is Wasted on the Young

YTD: +$27289.09

One of the perennial posters on the UK scene is David Young. My views on him are fairly well-known, in fact I posted something to this effect on Andy Ward's blog the other day. In brief I like his integrity, but wonder what the poker point is. In general, poker does not seem to be DY's subject, but he did come up with something once that has lodged in my mind ever since.

The Cash Game Tournament.

The idea is simple. You sit in a cash game, ideally one a bit below money-wise than you are used to. The object of the tournament is to play up your money until you can buy into the next biggest game. And then the next. Ad infinitum. It can be quite fun, although it smells too much of gambling to be my taste. Anyway, the new 10-20 game on Stars was looming over me and I thought I would try and spin 200 in the 1-2 to get a buyin. Of course I lasted about half an hour :-(

The hand that basically finished me off really showed how badly newbies to the game can cause themselves mischief trying out PLO. Although he beat me in this particular instance :-( And remember this was a 1-2 blind game so it was supposed to be of a reasonable standard.

I raised quite loosely on the button with a suited ace - I had been showing some speed. The SB reraised me..quite likely aces, and I called. The flop came Q J T mixed suits. He checked and so did I. The turn came a 6, giving me a nut flush draw. He checked and I bet about 3/4 of the pot, roughly half his remaining stack. He called. The turn gave us an interesting K. He checked again, and not having even a pair to show I set him allin. He was maybe getting 3-4 to 1 on this call. He just had Aces! And no draw to even call the turn. He had decided that I was bluffing, without thinking through the fact that I could be bluffing with better than one pair. Also, I think he thought that the AA in his hand made it more likely that I was bluffing, when in actual fact it was the opposite. This isn't holdem. 99% of the time I must have some part of this board.

I guess the 10-20 game is a little way off still.


Beset7 said...

Forget the new 10/20, dave. Head to the new 5/10 (100xbb) game at party. Same names that were playing the $100 50xBB last week. That'll be some gambling.

Aksu said...

Congrats about wsop seat Dave. Party changed their policy just in time. Higher holdem tables (30-60) seem to be very crowded and tight still, so Aksu's going to learn some Omaha.


Big Dave D said...


Those games look wild...if only I had some kind of br on Party :(



Big Dave D said...

Aksu...stay out of my patch! On second thoughts ...hhmmm...Cold country shorthanded limit holdem type...let's deal u in :-)


Anonymous said...

Big Dave,

I was wondering how often you play short-handed PLO games, 5-max or 6-max? I don't know whether they have those on Stars, I've started playing on Pokerroom lately, small stakes PLO50 and PLO100, and have been cleaning house, often picking up even 10 pots in a row, taking a lot of pots down on the flop, and generally against a lot of loose/passive players. I'd love to hear some of your comments/advice on this, send me a PM on 2+2 at Burdzthewurd, thanks again, great blog


Aksu said...

Hehe. Deal me in they did. and I donated generously. I go back to generate more anger in short holdem games and will be back with....uhmmm even less money maybe?


chaos said...

'I go back to generate more anger in short holdem games'

lol - great quote AKsu

Milkybarkid said...

Hi Dave

Could you drop me an email?


I would like to ask your opinion on something.


Big Dave D said...

Hi Burda

I'm not a big fan of PM'ing - I dont even have Messenger - so I will have to answer here.

I'm no big fan of SH PLO. The variance in the game is big enough as it is, without adding that dimension. Yes, I understand the blah blah good player blah blah variance thing. But until you've had a bad run, you dont really get the impact variance can have. At one point I could barely piss str8 last year, as regular readers will now...check out the archives.

So although I will play short if it keeps the game going, especially if I have a big stack/there is a fish in the game, I'm no expert and tend to avoid them.

And IMHO, a lot of the guys who specialise in them, just like at holdem, cant slow their games down enuff for a ring game.



Big Dave D said...

Don't worry Aksu, you're in illustrious company. There's not many Nordic/Scandy types that survive ring game PLO as you know. Stick to that bet bet bet holdem nonsense (add raises as appropriate) :-)