Monday, September 20, 2004

Apocalypse Now

YTD: +$55394.38

I said that I wouldn't waste column space commenting on the vagaries of my YTD. But yesterday was such a "correction" that it seemed that if I didn't mention it, people would wonder how the hell I couldn't. For half the loss I played bad, for the other half, I was unlucky. Interesting, if my 50/50s and favourite hands had all stood up, as opposed to all being washed to sea, my 8k loss would have been a 4k profit. Such is the variance of PLO. Ho hum. I will probably have a breather from the big game and also spend some of my winnings on financing some much needed cars. Coming very soon will be some posts on the interesting points DY raised in his comment to one of my posts.


chaos said...

Hi Dave,

Sorry to hear about your set back. Go spend some money: you've earnt it.

Taking time out is the best thing to do after a bad loss. People take more risks when they are gambling from a losing starting point, than a neutral one. The easiest way to get to that neutral starting point is to allow that losing feeling to decay over time. A difficult skill to develop is to intialise the variables and start from that neutral reference point at will.

Still I think you're building your own recovery pack on this site. The post you wrote on your month from hell will I'm sure help pick yourself up.

good luck


Big Dave D said...


Tx for the encouragement. At least in the gambler fallacy sense the money ive lost was profit for the month so I havent lost "much" yet :-)